Registration date:
13 | 05 | 2016
Level 2 - Nursery School
Living in another world, to live it up just [in] another world, living in another world (don't stop don't stop don't stop put it down)
Total Game Time: 12 hour 48 min
Training Social Prizes Sponsor
N° Games 16 0 80 0
Lv. 2 2916 / 750 exp Lv. 3
0 exp
9 exp
2907 exp
Lv. 1
Lv. 2
Nursery School
Lv. 3
Primary School
Lv. 4
Secondary School
Lv. 5
Lv. 2 Nursery School
In primary you have your first notebook, you write the first words and your books do not have only images
Achievements needed to overcome level
Prize games played 80 / 5 look at
Correct answers 1247 / 600
User questions control 3 / 3 look at
Voting of questions 8 / 20
No statistics available on games played
No statistic available for correct answers
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